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Kittens from $1.000.00 - $1.500.00 for a Companion.
$200 non-refundable deposit in USA *

$500.00 non-refundable

for out of Country  

Payment plans available when buying a new born but kittens

must be Paid for and the Contract Must Be returned 

2 weeks before the kitten is shipped 

to their new home.
We need to have the contract back for the health certificate and transportation. 
*Must have a physical address.​​

Due to Covid 

The Airlines are no longer shipping live cargo.

We are now offering Delivery to your door.

​All kittens must be 12 weeks old before leaving our Catteries.

Temperature must be between 32° and 80° in Washington and the 
destination city or cities where the plane lands.  
Buyer must provide the name of the nearest airport that accepts

the delivery of animals. 

Your Kittens arrives in a airline approved kennel with Veterinary certificates. 
Other arrangements can be made for pick up.

We ship our Kittens around the World and within the United States. 
Buyer assumes all shipping costs for the Kitten.
All shots will be given as necessary if age permits. 

All interested must fill out an application.

Photos and information are posted on Kittens page. 
$200.00 non-refundable deposit is required

to hold a kitten. 
We make no claims as to the size of kittens

when they mature . 
too many variables, diet, worming, etc.
Some have reached 20 + pounds but as

I said I can not make any guarantee to how

much they will weigh when they are grown. 
Proper care and feeding play a major role

in their growing, along with genetics.
Kitten / cat purchase contract.

You can contact us for a copy of contract, 
we will be happy to mail one to you or 
you can copy an print this one. 
Thank You
PNW Exotic Cats /Kitten Purchase Contract
The intent of this contract is to protect both

the buyer and the seller. ​​
This contract is legal and binding between both

PNW Exotic cats Catteries

and the buyer listed below. 

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